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Jack Avery has always had questions about his daughter, Olivia. His intuition has told him there is more to her than what appears on the surface. In the past, he has always shrugged it off, telling himself it is due to the fact that she was adopted at nine years old.


Jack’s marriage is also crumbling. He and his wife, Melissa, seem to be constantly fighting. In his last-ditch effort to save his marriage, Jack agrees to move his family back to his wife’s hometown. It is here that strange events start occurring, and the questions surrounding Olivia become stronger.

         "As someone with a lifelong interest in magic who has been fooling people as long as I remember, I love the chance to be fooled myself.  As I read Singleton I was baffled.  The first few pages of the book caught my attention just like the opening trick of a good magic show.  From there I was kept in suspense as the mystery unfolded.  Just when I thought it was impossible to tie together all the strange things which were occurring, Myers performs his best trick.  In the last few pages of the book he brings the mystery to a satisfying yet shocking conclusion.  Like a good magic show Singleton leaves you wanting more.  Fortunately Myers has another book up his sleeve.  If you are like me and enjoy a good mystery, then you may want to consider Stealing the Magic for yourself.  If Singleton is any indication, it is bound to entertain and keep you in suspense."  

      - John Neely, Magician

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Stealing the Magic
The Story of a Caged Magician

          Andrew Stevenson is a typical college kid, trying to work hard in his studies, while also looking for some wild fun and excitement. The problem is, so far, his college experience has turned out quite dull and boring. Having made no friends his first year and still living with his parents, he is about to consider this first year a complete disappointment.

           Things begin to change dramatically when Andrew befriends notorious college prankster Johnny Platt, who is known for wild parties and unbelievable pranks. Johnny quickly takes Andrew under his wing and into his inner circle. Life seems to be going well until Andrew and Johnny cross paths with a local magician, Charles Chesterton, a man of mystery and wonder. He will captivate them and turn their lives upside down. Questions will arise and lives will hang in the balance.


           Heart-pounding, easy-to-read, captivating and absolutely unpredictable! Stealing The Magic has transformed my view of Christian fiction. Stealing The Magic is a story of a young college student in search of what every person wants...acceptance. There are so many lessons that can be learned from this book. I will say this, you NEED to read the prologue and epilogue of this book! This book is brilliant!!!!

          - Aaron Moore

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Desiring the Magic
The Story of a Lost Detective

          In the City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a man, James Johnston, has gone missing. The story quickly fills the local newspapers and becomes a captivation of the media. The fascination with the story is further fueled by the fact that the victim's brother, Dylan, is the lead investigator on the case. His search for his brother will lead him to places of peculiarity, illusion, and magic. In the end the case will be revealed to be much more than a simple missing person.

The Valley and the Shadow

       Damien Parker’s life is going well. As an affluent African-American businessman and part-owner of a marketing company, he’s about to land the deal of a lifetime. In a few weeks he’s looking forward to signing a contract with a shipping company out of Europe that will take his business to new heights.

       At home too, Damien’s life couldn’t be better. His beautiful wife is close to giving birth to their first child. Both Damien and his wife are beyond excited to become parents and welcome their little girl into the world.

       Life for Damien then takes a drastic turn when tragedy strikes, and he and his wife learn the sad news that their daughter has passed away in the womb. They then have to walk an unbelievably hard road of sadness and sorrow. It will push the boundaries of what they are able to emotionally endure.

       Damien tries to take comfort in the large business deal his company is about to sign. The deal looked quite promising, but even that takes an unexpected turn. It will lead Damien to an unforeseen journey in the Caribbean that will test him beyond measure.

Belle and the Dragon
                   A short novel

                For years the kingdom of Mendolon has had a dragon living at its border, guarding his territory. He has tended to live quietly and not directly threaten anyone… until now. As of late the dragon has been breathing fire into the edges of the kingdom and striking fear into the hearts of the people. The realm’s chief knight, Michael de Bolbec, wants to lead a brigade of knights into the dragon’s territory to hunt down the creature and destroy him. Mendolon’s king, Sebastian, is hesitant about the plan, but will only agree to it on one condition… his prized daughter, Belle, accompany the brigade of knights and claim the victory for the dragon’s death. The plan seems simple, but things are not always as they appear…

            Join the adventure in this short suspense novel. It serves as a prequel to Tony Myers’ next full length adventure novel… coming soon.

The Beauty of a Beast

       For the past six months, the kingdom of Mendolon has been terrorized by a mastermind beast called the Savage. He's been attacking the citizens of the kingdom, striking fear in their hearts. There are rumors that he possesses magical powers and is gaining followers daily. Mendolon's king, Sebastian, is growing frustrated and is at a loss about what to do.
       The princess, Belle, and the chief knight, Michael de Bolbec, have been working hard, trying to get a step ahead of the Savage. All efforts so far have proven to be in vain. It is then that the two knights are given an unlikely advantage by a mysterious prisoner. At first his information proves to be invaluable... but soon Belle and Michael discover that the prisoner seems to speak in riddles and greater mysteries are hiding in plain sight. Lives will hang in the balance as they seek to defeat the Savage and solve the mysteries that abound.

Knights of Mendolon

       For the past six months the Knights of Mendolon, along with the kingdom’s soldiers, have been tracking down the escaped prisoners from the Savage’s prison release. Led by the young, skilled knight Corbeau, the knights have been making great progress at capturing the prisoners.

       Mendolon’s chief knight, Michael de Bolbec, has spent the past six months resting and recovering from the skirmish with the Savage. It is then that Michael gets an urgent call from King Sebastian that his advisor Hector has been secretly looking for a prisoner among those who have escaped. Michael is intrigued since most of the prisoners were common criminals that he had captured specifically. Things begin to spiral out of control as Michael soon learns there is something strangely unusual about this escaped prisoner and a deeper plot lies beneath the surface.

The War of the Kings

        Mendolon is in chaos. With the knights expelled from the kingdom, Sebastian has established complete authoritarian control over the people. He has done this with the help of two personal assistants, the Northern Assassin, Jacobus, and the Dark Raven, Corbeau de Lefevre. The citizens of the kingdom are also oppressed and kept from leaving by three menacing dragons watching over the borders.
        The kingdom of Grimdolon is constantly on the look-out for attacks by Mendolon. The beasts of the land are concerned as King Sebastian possesses a weapon called Dragon Disease that is fatal for beasts. Jean-Luc must use all his abilities of deduction and planning to thwart Sebastian’s plan of making more of the disease.
        The two kings correspond by letters, threatening one another and offering terms of surrender. The war becomes personal, and, for Sebastian specifically, it becomes a definite rivalry against his hated enemy… Jean-Luc.
        Join the adventure in this 3rd book of the series that began with The Beauty of a Beast.

The Treasure in the East

          The seafarer Marc-Claude, along with his companion Cobra, are chasing a legend, or maybe more of a myth. It is known as the Treasure in the East. Many have inquired about it, but most have long given up hope that it will ever be found. Marc-Claude is not to be deterred. The pursuit of gold and riches are calling to him, and he will risk it all in this pursuit. Cobra, on the other hand, is intrigued by a supposed power associated with this treasure. He desires the power of this treasure to change the course of his life. Like Marc-Claude, he will stop at nothing to find this treasure.
          Their treasure hunt begins to take progress when they are confronted with another obstacle. The villainous wealthy merchant, Von Dechauer, is seeking revenge on Marc-Claude for a supposed heist of his resources. He will spare no expense in tracking down the one who has stolen from him and damaged his reputation.
          Come aboard with Marc-Claude and Cobra as a boundless journey awaits them on the high seas.

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