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The Treasure in the East

A tale of Marc-Claude and Cobra

            The seafarer Marc-Claude, along with his companion Cobra, are chasing a legend, or maybe more of a myth. It is known as the Treasure in the East. Many have inquired about it, but most have long given up hope that it will ever be found. Marc-Claude is not to be deterred. The pursuit of gold and riches are calling to him, and he will risk it all in this pursuit. Cobra, on the other hand, is intrigued by a supposed power associated with this treasure. He desires the power of this treasure to change the course of his life. Like Marc-Claude, he will stop at nothing to find this treasure.
            Their treasure hunt begins to take progress when they are confronted with another obstacle. The villainous wealthy merchant, Von Dechauer, is seeking revenge on Marc-Claude for a supposed heist of his resources. He will spare no expense in tracking down the one who has stolen from him and damaged his reputation.

            Come aboard with Marc-Claude and Cobra as a boundless journey awaits them on the high seas.

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"This book has a twist you never saw coming. It has characters that you become emotionally attached to. The ending is just an absolute display of high morals."

  - B&N reviewer

From the moment I opened up the book I was unable to close it and read it one day. I was intrigued and involved with each detailed description of the characters and was able to picture the story playing out in my head the whole time. It is a great mystery with plot twists and I can't wait for the movie version.

   - Fafo Sardina

Stealing the Magic

"Myers delivers a page-turning mystery that grips the reader with its relatable characters and compelling plot."

    - Pamela Crane, Suspense Writer

"Besides being a gripping, action-filled tale; the book communicates good morals and life lessons such as loving your family and being strong in your convictions even when people are telling you otherwise. The book was fun to read and extremely hard to put down! Stealing the Magic captivates readers with excitement and suspense."

    - Allisa Gartin

The Beauty of a Beast

"Nothing captivates an audience of all ages like knights, princesses, dragons, beasts and courage. The Beauty of a Beast proves that true. It is one of those books with a very familiar plot line, but an extreme twist at the end. While reading it, I was on the edge of my seat. Tony Myers does a fantastic job of capturing his audience’s attention and not letting it go till the end of the book. Each character comes alive with every paragraph as their world becomes as real as ours. This clean, mind-blowing, nail-biting, easy-to-read book will have you eagerly turning each page and then anxiously anticipating the next book!

  - Aaron Moore

The Valley and the Shadow

"My wife and I bought two of these books, and we read them in less than 24hrs - we couldn’t put them down. Tony did a great job of taking a very tough topic and helped provide hope for those in need. Highly recommend this book to those who  are going through a valley in their own life right now."

  - David Wilson

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